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September 15, 2018


On the 3rd September, I did a week of work experience with 404 Productions, spending a week in the office to work more closely with those involved. With the company’s adaptation of Cinderella quickly taking speed and research for Journey to the Centre of the Earth well underway, this week was not only an excellent learning opportunity, but a chance to knuckle down and get writing.

The first day I got myself more acquainted with the story of Cinderella and the lyrics I would be writing, and slowly but surely ideas began to form. I had the first draft from Matt and it was really great to get to work with him formulating ideas and proofreading, and I learned a lot about being critical regarding my own work. This was only increased the next day, when we joined forces, creating the ultimate proofreading super team, and dissecting the script together. The wonderful thing about working with Matt, and the company as a whole, is that they truly value your ideas and treat you with the professional respect a young person in the creative industry might not usually get, while all the time being there to help, support and teach you on the journey.


"they truly value your ideas and treat you with the professional respect a young person in the creative industry might not usually get"

As the week moved on, I managed to get the lyrics drafted out, Matt and I meeting in the office and coffee shops to share with each other what we had written, with him helping me majorly with writer’s block and moments of unsureness. We drafted out the storyline for Journey to the Centre of the Earth in more depth and I believe we left on Thursday feeling very happy with our progress, with plans made for moving forward with both projects.

Friday, I travelled up to London with Dan to watch Milk Presents rehearse their play Bullish. This was an incredible opportunity and getting to talk to director and writer, Leo Skilbeck, about how they formulate their ideas and bring them to the stage, as well as the creation of queer theatre, was so incredibly inspiring and influential, and something I will definitely take with me. The company really encompasses the kind of theatre I hope I have the chance to write some day, and the experience was truly invaluable.

Now more than ever, I am super excited going forward and seeing these projects blossom. I am, of course, so grateful for what I’ve gained through the company, and I’m really proud of the progress made this week.


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